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Moving Beyond family struggles
summit  2021

Break Free From the heartache, loneliness and despair of family struggles.
Reclaim your strength and happiness.
Move beyond the shame and guilt of "failed" family relationships.

Learn from 15 of the TOP EXPERTS in the areas of Family Relationship Counseling, Family Estrangement, Communication and Life Success.

Yasmin Kerkez

Moving Beyond Family Struggles Summit, 2021

Have you been suffering a silent existence of heartache, confusion and sadness? Do you struggle with the weight of a broken family relationship everyday? Have you lost connection with, a child, parent, sibling, or other relation in your life? Do you hide these feelings from yourself or others to avoid shame? Do you feel like you're a failure or that others will judge you for not trying to "just make it work"? Do you feel such sadness or confusion or loneliness in your situation and think… 

Why is this happening? What did I do to cause this? Or how long will this go on  for and will things ever change? 

If so, You are not alone! My heart breaks as I watch a silent epidemic spread across the globe. More so than ever before we are seeing breakdown in family relations and yet this problem is still not discussed openly. Those who suffer are suffering in silence without realizing they can have support and easy access to the tools needed to help them break free from the struggles and emotional pain. 

To make matters worse, COVID has only increased the feelings of loneliness, fear and isolation in many people. Where normally we had more healthy social environments, activities and community to provide distractions to our problems we are now faced with the reality of having to face them in isolation. More than ever, we need to strengthen our support communities and keep being there for each other.

In a world where social media has more power than ever before, we are facing a rise in individuals feeling the need to break free from family. At the same time, social media has also put a new type of peer pressure to stay in constant communication with people, making it difficult for those that need to create boundaries from "toxic" family members. This only leads to increased feelings of isolation and shame and a sense of despair. Family relationships face new challenges from changing expectations, both within families and from society as a whole.

Perhaps you feel these pressures and are wondering what's happening? Maybe you have been feeling a growing sense of despair at not making progress and you don't know how to fix it? 

You are NOT ALONE... There is even a term for it now; Family Estrangement – the condition of being emotionally or physically distanced or separated from a family member either by choice or by the decision of another family member.

How do we fix this? How do we learn to cope with the heartbreak and move forward in life? How do we find the healing, strength and happiness to live our best lives?

I asked some of the TOP experts to share their advice and wisdom. I learned that there ARE tools we can use to break free of our patterns and habits, to help avoid painful conflict - tools we CAN use to start healing our relationships with our families, and most importantly, with ourselves!

So much of the pain we suffer is because we don’t understand that we  CAN increase our self-awareness and get the tools we need to rebuild our happiness AND lead to HEALING!

Anyone who has ever felt like there’s something “broken” or “wrong” or “missing” with themselves needs to hear these discussions with experts who can offer support and tools to heal and move beyond family struggles. 

Watch and listen and be part of the invaluable conversations. Learn how to move forward in life with strength, love and hope. 

DAY 1: You Are Not Alone

Prepare to meet these experts...

Dr. Joshua Coleman

 Compassionate Strategies for Coping with family Estrangement

Laura Davis

 The Road from Estrangement to Reconciliation

Dr. Kathy McCoy

Understanding Family Estrangement from a Compassionate Perspective

Tina Gilbertson

Facing Estrangement with Love, Patience and Kindness to One’s Self

Dr. Sherrie Campbell

The Reality of Toxic Family Members and How to Overcome Emotional Trauma


Prepare to meet these experts...

Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq

Surviving High Conflict Relationships

Marcy Amaro, MA, NBC-HWC

Navigating Communication Struggles with Understanding, Wisdom and love

Ellyn Wolfe, Ed. M

Surviving the Loss of an Adult Child and Living with Grief

Maggie Nick, MSW, RCSWI

Overcoming Emotional Struggles in Families and How to Mend Low Self-Worth

Barbra Drizin

My Journey of Estrangement, Empowerment, & Reconciliation


Prepare to meet these experts...

Dr. Paul Jenkins

The Power of Positivity to Transform Your Life

Sheri McGregor 

“Done With the Crying”. Reclaiming Your Life

D. Grant Smith

Unlock the Power of Love and Resilience to Overcome Life’s Challenges

Dr. Shad Helmstetter

The Transformative Power of Self Talk

Mid Merry

Emotional and Physical Health – Healing with Yoga

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I want to make sure that these conversations reach as many people as possible. I believe we need to increase awareness of, and support for, family relationship struggles.

These strategies have transformed COUNTLESS lives and families, and now they can transform YOUR life as well!!


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I am thrilled to share all the wonderful stories or transformation and healing!

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Thanks again,



Your Summit Host

Yasmin Kerkez

Yasmin is the Host and Founder of Moving Beyond Family Struggles - which focuses on providing support and help for people facing family relationships struggles and separation. Yasmin holds a double degree with The University of Adelaide, South Australia:
- Science Degree majoring in Physiology and Microbiology.
- Arts Degree majoring in Philosophy and Politics.

She has two decades of experience working with families and individuals in the area of building self-love and motivation along with providing support and help to family members struggling with relationship problems. She has 25 years experience in the business world, creating, managing and marketing a global brand.

Her passion for happiness, health and empowering individuals to live their best life led her to create an organisation which strives to contribute to the support community providing help for families struggling with relationship conflict and trauma. Inspired by her own life experiences she has researched, studied, and personally tested the effectiveness of strategies, techniques and tools to help navigate and succeed in relationships and life. Her mission is to help others achieve the same success and happiness in their own lives.

Yasmin Kerkez

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